What Quilters have to say about Stitched Up Stories!

I have watched the Stitched Up stories and thoroughly enjoyed them. It is so interesting to hear how the designers of fabric, patterns, and all things quilting got started, find inspiration, and explain their process. Belle Brunner and Jason Yenter have been my top two so far, but I intend to watch more as they are shown so that may change.

from Peggy

I recently used Ten Sister’s grid in a quilting project. It was so much fun and when I found out Carmen Geddes was scheduled to be on Stitched up Stories, I immediately signed up. The story of her personal life as well as information about her business was very interesting. I highly recommend everyone checking this program out as its a great way of learning more in-depth information about their products as well as their personal story. And the giveaways can’t be beat..I won a prize!

from Diane

Stitched Up Stories has been a wonderful way to spend my time.  Each of the designers has added to my quilting knowledge in a way that immediately shows in my quilt work.  The ideas they spark are worth twice the price of admission!  I'm always looking forward to the next one.

from Pam

I caught Quiltin' Tia's story, and she does 5 yard quilts. I really enjoyed learning how her thought processes were for designing her patterns. I have several of them now!  I am signed up for next week and looking forward to it!

from Henrietta